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Craig's Bio
I began my musical career in the early 60's in high school (Hollywood High) playing rhythm guitar in the surf band "The New Dimensions." Michael Lloyd was the lead guitar player and went on to become a well known and sought after producer. Jimmy Greenspoon was the keyboard player and went on to be one of the founding members of "Three Dog Night" and still tours with them today. A compilation of The New Dimensions music was released a few years ago on 'Sundazed Records'.

During the middle 60's I played with various bands in and around the Sunset Strip. An exciting time. On any given night you could have The Byrds at one club, The Buffalo Springfield in another, and The Young Rascals in yet another.

Somewhere around 1968 I teamed up with Dennis Lambert and together we formed the acoustic duo "Lambert & Nuttycombe." Our first album, "At Home" was released on A&M records in 1970, produced and engineered by Glyn Johns, David Anderle, and Chad Stuart (Chad & Jeremy). This album was recorded at our home in Sausalito, Ca. and features just our two guitars and two voices. It still stands up as a special album.

Lambert & Nuttycombe released their second album "As You Will" on 20th Century records in 1973. This album was produced by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac) and featured a new guitarist in town named Robert (Waddy) Wachtel and Lindsey Buckingham along with a host of other fine musicians including percussionist extraordinaire Brent Lewis.

Lambert & Nuttycombe's home nightclub in LA was the famous "Ice House" in Pasadena, Ca. owned and operated by Bob Stane. Bob has been responsible for many a career getting off the ground and has recently opened 'The Coffee Gallery Backstage' in Altadena, Ca. Bob continues to encourage and support new comers and old comers alike, and The Coffee Gallery Backstage has become 'a place to play'.

Shortly after the release of "As You Will," Lambert & Nuttycombe went their own ways. (For those who would like a more extensive bio and/or history of Lambert& Nuttycombe I would suggest you visit the Lambert & Nuttycombe web site that Jeremy Frey created. Jeremy did a thorough and excellent job.)

In 1978, I recorded a solo album for A&M, "It's Just A Lifetime," again produced by Glyn Johns with the help of Andy Fairweather Low.This album featured some great players form the UK such as Henry Spinetti, David Markee, Georgie Fame, along with ex-Eagle Bernie Leadon.

In l979, inspired by my friend (and photographer extraordinaire) Ethan Russell, I left my home town of Hollywood and "the biz" to go live and work on his parent's beautiful ranch (The Double H) in Carmel Valley, Ca. It was a time of change and a turning point in my life as I came to realize I was really more of a country boy then a city boy. I stayed there for three years. I continued to play and write but put the music career aside.

After my time in Carmel Valley, I moved down the road a piece to San Luis Obispo, Ca. where I still reside.

In 1990 I met Rick Sutton who owns and operates "Sutton Sound Studios" in Atascadero, Ca. With Sutton's help as co-producer and engineer, I recorded and released on cassette "My Own Beat."

A few years went by and, thanks to my friend Brent Lewis, I recorded (at his studio in Joshua Tree, Ca.) "Planetorial Janitor," which features just my voice, guitar, and Brent's percussion.

Shortly after the release of "Planetorial Janitor," I had Rick Sutton re-master "My Own Beat" and re-released it in CD form. I also began work on my next CD "Get It Done" with, again, production help from Sutton.

"Get It Done" features the talent of some of the finest players in the San Luis Obispo area such as Bob and Wendy Liepman, Dorian Michael, Louie Ortega, David West, and Mark Beck. As well as being a fine musician, Mark Beck is a talented artist and was gracious enough to allow me to use reproductions of two of his paintings for my CD covers.

Thanks to my record distributor in Japan (Airmail Recordings), I went to Japan in November 2002 to do a concert. I was joined by two wonderful musicians, Al DiMarco on accordion and piano, and Alex McMurray on acoustic bass. The concert was recorded and is now available on a CD titled "Spirited Away."

For those interested, Airmail Recordings has also released a two CD set of previously unreleased Lambert & Nuttycombe demo sessions from the late 60's/early 70's.

Craig Nuttycombe

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