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I'd like to begin by thanking the two teachers who had the greatest influence on my Formative years. My fourth grade teacher, Miss Raubenheimer and my junior high school choir teacher, Miss Shapiro. Thank you ladies!

I began my musical career in the early 60's at Hollywood High School playing rhythm guitar in a surf band "The New Dimensions." After fifty years we have had a reunion, and have started a new CD. There is a production company as well, making a documentary of us then and now.

During the middle 60's I played with a few bands in and around the Sunset Strip. I did a short stint with 'The Eastside Kids' where I first met Denis Lambert.

Somewhere around 1968 Denis and I teamed up, and together we formed the acoustic duo 'Lambert & Nuttycombe'.

Our first album, "At Home," was released on A&M records in 1970, produced by Glyn Johns, David Anderle, and Chad Stuart. This album was recorded at our home in Sausalito, Ca. and features just our two guitars and two voices. It still stands up today as a very special album.

'Lambert & Nuttycombe' released their second album "As You Will" on 20th Century records in 1973. This album was produced by Keith Olsen and featured some wonderful Los Angeles musicians, my father being one of them.

Shortly after the release of "As You Will," Denis and I went our separate ways, due mainly to Denis's increasing drug addiction.

In 1978, I recorded a solo album for A&M, "It's Just A Lifetime," produced by Glyn Johns and Andy Fairweather Low. This album has a very special place in my life, musical and memories.

Towards the end of 1979, inspired by my friend (and photographer) Ethan Russell, I left my hometown of Hollywood and the music business to go live and work on his parent's beautiful ranch in Carmel Valley, Ca. It was a time of change and a turning point in my life as I came to realize, I was really more of a country boy then a city boy. I stayed there a few years. I continued to play and write, but put music as a career aside.

After my time in Carmel Valley, I moved down the road to San Luis Obispo, Ca. where I still reside.

Somewhere in the 80's I had the good fortune to meet and work with (and still do today) Rick Sutton who owns and operates one of the finer recording studios in this area.

Over the years here in San Luis Obispo I have written and recorded the CD's available here on this site.

Currently I have the great pleasure and privilege of being part of a wonderful group 'Café Musique'. You might enjoy giving us a listen.

And yes... I love dogs!

Craig Nuttycombe

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